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Upcoming Pakistani Movie ‘Jackpot’ Behind The Scenes

Upcoming Pakistani movie ‘Jackpot’ is Directed by Shoaib Khan and Producer of this movie also Shoaib khan & Khurram Riaz; written and screenplay by Babar Kashmiri.
The movie is starring Noor Hassan, Jawed Sheikh, Sanam Ch, Inayat Khan, Sana Fukher, Adnan Shah Tipu, Reyhana Malhotra, Faiza Khan, Ismail Tara & Sajan Abbas.

Director Shoaib Khan told us that Upcoming Pakistani Movie was the last spell of the movie and other than some patchwork the shoot for the movie is complete. It’s worth mentioning that an earlier spell was shot in Thailand at some rather picturesque locations.

With the movie in post-production now, the makers are in talks with distributors on how to take things forward. The movie it seems will release them sometime next year 2018, but the exact date is yet to announced. There will be a poster event launch on the eve of New Years where more information will be revealed.

When we asked the leads of the movie Sanam Chaudhry and Noor Hassan what made them sign the dotted line, they both Repeat the fact that the movie was an outright entertainer and that the audiences will love it. The jackpot Upcoming Pakistani Movie is a comedy thriller and who are all running after this lottery ticket. The entire movie is one fun-filled ride which takes the characters places as they try to get their hands on the card.

The cast of the Jackpot Upcoming Pakistani Movie is a healthy mix of newbies and veterans where on the one hand we have Reyhana Malhotra and Inayat Khan, on the other side, we have Ismail Tara, Javed Sheikh, and Adnan Shah Tipu.

How can we forget Lollywood actress diva Sana who will be seen acting in a movie after quite some time?Add to that famous faces of tv actress, Noor Hassan, and Sanam Chaudhry to the mix, and you have a winner!


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