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Romantic Movie of the season “ Chain Aye Na”

Chain Aye Na is a new movie of Lollywood which decides to release on 21st July 2017 all over the Pakistan and in other States, China, USA & Canada. This movie is directed and written by Syed Noor.When the trailer of the movie Chain Aye Na was released earlier than it has left everyone in shock. Social media receive fabulous comments, and faerie about the movie. This movie leaves a good impression on media after releasing its trailer this movie is romantic and with a good story increases the worth of Pakistan’s Film Industry. Pakistani Film Industry make itself better than the previous time.

In all our years of the film industry, Lollywood has come up with some tricky video songs and movie productions, but Syed Noor’s Chai Aye Na has broken all records of trickiness and bungling only with its trailer. Due to all the way from poor editing skills to the horrendous body humiliate scenes and the absenteeism of a strong central theme in the four aching and ghastly minutes of the trailer is afar intolerable.The film stars Sheroz Sabzwari, Sarosh Khan, Adil Murad, Nadeem, Behroze Sabzwari, Mustafa Qureshi, Atiqa Odho, Danish Nawaz, Waqar Godhra, Sobia Khan, Maryam, decide to be released on the 21st of July.The trailer has collected more than 100,000 views within the first few hours of its release on social media. They say do not judge us by the trailer of the movie Chain Aaye Na. This film is the patrimony of Pakistan and was made in 1367 when there was no film camera made and there are no lights. All movies were made in sun light.

Shahroz Sabzwari is finally making his big screen inception and let us tell you that it is not looking good. The four-minute wide trailer of Syed Noor’s new film Chain Aye Na which trait the actor was released and it has taken over the internet for the wrong causes.Notwithstanding the abnormal long width of the trailer of the movie, the film intrigue is not clear. Junior Sabzwari and Sarish Khan are in love there are diverse forces that browbeat the couple’s safety.
Mustafa Qureshi is a Pakistani film and television actor. Qureshi was born in Hyderabad on 11 May, 1938. He earns popularity from Punjabi movies of Lollywood. His role as the villain Noori Natt in the movie Maula Jatt (1979) became his emblem and he went on to modify similar roles for many years. He has worked in more than 500 movies, in Urdu, Punjabi and Sindhi languages.

Chein Aye Na a romantic movie can not reveal the entire conspiracy but all can say that it is a virtuoso who falls in love. The glaze that you will find out with the time.
Sarish Khan is the granddaughter of Sabiha Khanum cast as a female lead actor in this movie chain aye na. Remembered that the First Lady of Pakistan which is Silver Screen and Santosh Kumar.


The film Chein Aye Na is a romantic chronicle and will include some of the biggest names in the Pakistani film industry, both fable, and crisp faces.

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