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Project Ghazi Released Date Extended

Project Ghazi is a blockbuster upcoming movie make a splash in peoples of Pakistan and it seems that people are more awaited for this movie instead of other movies of Lollywood.
It’s releasing date was 14th July, as planned.But due to some technical issues they might need to revamp the movie. Producers were not willing to delay the release but it was upon Humayon Seed’s resistance that the released was called off. The new release date will be announced soon.
It’s the first movie of Lollywood about superheroes and their action that they performing in this movie.

Project Ghazi movie is Directed by Nadir Shah which is a famous film director in the film industry of Pakistan. And this movie is produced by Syed Mohammad Ali Raza he is an experienced producer in the film industry. Main characters are Humayun Saeed, Sheheryar Munawar, Syra Shehroz and Adnan Jaffar. This year is most important for the film industry of Pakistan. This year Lollywood releases a verity of movies which are on the love story, dangerous projects, and others.

In this movie, the defender of Pakistan finds some special means to make a team that when nobody can solve a major issue than at last this team is send towards the place of the issue so that they can solve it carefully. This team is a special team which has the special ability like faster speed, faster mind and much more. Project Ghazi makes promises to make people enthralled by the scenes of Project Ghazi movie.
The scenes or visuals of this movie affect a lot of peoples that they take interest in Lollywood and their production of movies. Project Ghazi is a movie which is not seen before this year it is really a big success of Lollywood of Pakistan. The trailer of this movie is released and it creates an uproar in social media of Pakistan. the public does not expect this type of progress of Lollywood. The movie will feature Humayun Saeed as Salar, Sheharyar Munawar as Zain and Syra Shehroze as Zara in lead roles.

we believe strongly in Pakistan and its cinemas first of all only Hollywood have superhero genre but now Pakistan wake up and start to promote the film industry of Pakistan and you can see the efforts of Lollywood on social media.
Humayun’s character is Salar and Sheheryar’s, Saira’s and Adnan’s characters are as Zain, Zara, and Qatar respectively. You have never seen Saira like this before. Sheheryar has worked the hard and he has become a good looking actor; like a young, modern super soldier.

Lollywood had a great team. No one’s done costume work like this in Pakistan and we had to do everything to make film industry of Pakistan successful. It is difficult to design costumes wearing which actors can do stunts and can breathe normally. First, we made designs. Then made conceptual art and then search the right vendors.
A thing that motivates us is that when we were traveling across Pakistan, we see superhero merchandise from all over the world but nothing from Pakistan. And I hope we can complete this project and present it to the public in a sophisticated way.
After seeing Na Maloom Afraad, JPNA, and Moor to Mah e Mir, Lollywood films do not only prove that how talented our filmmakers are, but they are not restricted in terms of content.
Project Ghazi is Pakistan’s first superhero movie.

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