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AllahYar and The Legend Of Markhor Upcoming Pakistani Animated Movie will make you proud of Pakistan’s natural heritage

Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor (Urdu: اللھیار اور مارخور کی کہانی‬‎) is a Upcoming Pakistani Animated Movie directed by Uzair Zaheer Khan. It depicts the story of a young, handsome boy and his relationship with animals. The movie is produced by 3rd World Studios and distributed by ARY Films.

Associate Producer Eyad Ibrahim reveals about the movie, “[Allahyar and The Legend of Markhor] follows a young, handsome boy as he discovers the magical world of animals and goes on a journey that the relationship between humans and their sentient near neighbours on earth.”

According to Ibrahim, the movie will have something for the whole over family, so isn’t just for children.

So far, the movie has gotten the likes of Ali Noor, Natasha Humera Ejaz and Arieb Azhar on board. Natasha has recorded a song for the movie, and Arieb Azhar will be playing a character in the film. Ali Noor will be doing both!

Uzair Zaheer Khan will direct the Upcoming Pakistani Animated Movie AllahYar and The Legend Of Markhor movie, and he joined by Azfar Jafri (director of Janaan) in his crew.

About 3rd World Studios, Ibrahim says that the company arose from the desire to fill a void in the industry.

“Clean, wholesome entertainment for the youth is rare in Pakistan today. 3rd World Studios wants to promote elements of our language, customs, and values, to instil pride in our people towards this great nation.”

Singer Natasha Humaira Ejaz has lent her voice to the character of Mehru, the adorable little markhor who befriends Allahyar (voiced by Anum Zaidi). Noori’s Ali Noor plays Mani, the evil hunter out to get Mehru and Chakku, the snow leopard (expressed by Abdul Nabi Jamali). Azfar Jafri is Hero, a loveable but tharki chakra.

The studio recently benefited from an Unreal Dev Grant from Epic Games, which that company provides to creators using Unreal Engine 4. In a press release, Iqbal said, “Our movie wouldn’t be possible without Unreal’s fast, built-in tools like Sequencer, the immensely powerful Material Editor, particle editing, post-process effects, and so forth. We can make constant improvements to heavily populated sets that have dynamic foliage, furry animals, and lots of particles. This would not be possible if we were using a regular rendering pipeline.”

Allahyar and The Legend of Markhor release in Pakistan on February 2nd.

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